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Select the time frame that works best for you to receive a call from one of our energy consultants. If anything changes and you cannot take the call, they will leave a message for you to arrange another time.
To speed up your comparison, you can opt to pre-submit a recent energy bill for each account you wish us to compare. You can submit up to 20 files with a max file size of 5MB each.
To help your business get the most out of our program is there anything else we should know?
See you at Australian National Field Days!

See you at Australian National Field Days!

We understand small businesses in the agricultural industry have unique energy requirements, which is why we will be at the Australian National Field Days with NSW Famers to help businesses reduce their energy costs and improve their energy efficiency. 

Rising energy costs are hurting businesses within the agricultural sector across Australia. That’s why the Australian Government is funding two new initiatives, under the Business Energy Advice Program (beap), that aim to help small business find energy savings.

Protect your financial future, take action now and register for your FREE consultation with a business expert today.

I have been working for Yenda Producers for over 21 years, and it's probably the most amount of uncertainty that I can remember. The drought has had a big impact on the area, its financial costs is huge. The roll-out of the program to our shareholders has been very successful. Comments from our shareholders have shown they have saved a lot of money and are now looking at their plans and providers to find more ways to save. I think the program is unique because it is a genuine way to get in contact with farming families and enable them to save on their electricity bills.

Peter Taprell, Yenda Producers Co-Op Society Ltd

3 easy steps to save

Your steps towards energy savings success

Step 1: Register for your free consultation

If your business has between 6-20 employees you qualify for a one on one consultation with an independent business expert. They understand the specific energy needs of your industry and can advise on potential energy saving opportunities.

Step 2: Get your energy savings report

After your consultation you will receive a free report tailored to your business. The report suggests ways to make the most of the latest technology and best practice so that you can make changes to your busines when it suits you.

Step 3: Even more ways to save on energy

Our service also gives you access to case studies, facts sheets and information on how your business may be able to access government grants, to enable your business to unlock even more energy savings.

We are here to help

We understand that business owners are time poor, and that energy is complicated. As part of our service, we will do the thinking for you so you can focus on running your business.

Understanding energy costs

Let us help you understand your energy bill to find the best available tariff options for your business and make it easy for you to take action. Click here to visit the Retail Energy Advice Toolkit. 

Understanding energy savings

Discover opportunities to save energy that are aimed at helping reduce the running costs of your small business. Click here to visit the Energy Efficiency Advice page

Everything you need to know

Maximise energy savings with the latest offers for business, access tools, resources and grants at our energy resource centre here.

There's never been a better time to take action.