How The Pizza Boys Saved With BEAP During The Tough Months Of 2020

How The Pizza Boys Saved With BEAP During The Tough Months Of 2020

Energy Savings
Published on 1 December 2020

The Pizza Boys recently underwent a consultation with the Business Energy Advice Program (BEAP). Their Operations Manager, Jason Chammas, spoke to us about how their BEAP consultation was able to identify much needed energy savings for their business, during these uncertain times. 

“At The Pizza Boys we cater to a range of corporates and small businesses to add character to their events and help their guests experience that onsite and home cooked feel to their food and service. 

Our ability to set up our ovens in almost all locations separates us from other pizza caterers. Our portable ovens aren’t fixed to a trailer or truck, allowing our staff to transport them into the heart of the event. 

We operate from our central warehouse every day of the week and it’s important to remember, when we are running mobile operations that our energy overheads need to be controlled. It’s easy to overlook energy and while COVID-19 has impacted our customer base and demand, we were happy to utilise some of the downtime to examine the costs in our business.
It gave us confidence that the Business Energy Advice Program (BEAP) is an Australian Government initiative being delivered by Business Australia, a non-for-profit and independent association that looks after businesses like ours.

We heard about BEAP through Business Australia’s partner the Western Sydney Energy Program which is working with local councils to help businesses address their energy issues. 

It was great timing as the downtime we are experiencing is providing an opportunity to review how we operate. Energy is one of those costs that you can’t afford to get out of hand.
BEAP provided us a one on one consultation with an expert and the advice we’ve received has helped us to manage our own journey to review our energy prices and consider upgrades which reduce our energy usage and costs. 

Our advisor helped us learn more about other government programs and we’ve even enlisted the help of Business Australia’s free energy procurement service to review our bills and help us find opportunities to switch to a better deal. 

I think all businesses should be taking the opportunity to review their energy costs and the best first step is to engage BEAP.”

If you want tailored advice on reducing your energy consumption, our free energy assessment can be a great way to see where in your business you could create more energy efficiencies.

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