How beap helped Yenda Producers Co-operative Society

How beap helped Yenda Producers Co-operative Society

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Published on 6 December 2019

The Yenda Producers Co-operative Society is part of the Yenda Group whose businesses share a common goal to provide quality goods and services to the rural sector in and around the Riverina. Yenda Producers started as a farmers owned co-op back in 1925.

"Our main role was to supply farming inputs to our customers which are local farmers and businesses. They in turn are members of our co-op. So basically our customers are our shareholders. I've been involved in this business, well working for Yenda Prods, for over 21 years. And it’s probably the most amount of uncertainty that I can remember. The drought has had a big impact in our area. Its financial cost is a lot."

"I know comments have been made to me where they've saved quite a lot of money and just looking at what their plans are and what their providers are. With savings or any spare funds we do have we like to invest them in services for our shareholders."

"I think the other thing that's made it a bit unique from my perspective is that because the Co-Op did support that roll out to our shareholders, it wasn't like you were given a cold call on the phone. Which a lot of people, especially in the country think it's all hoaxes and stuff like that. It's a genuine way to get in contact with farming families and enable them to save money on the electricity bills."

- Peter Taprell, Branch Manager, Yenda Producers Co-Operative
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