Learn the basics of energy efficient lighting

Learn the basics of energy efficient lighting

Energy Efficiency Advice
Published on 2 December 2019
Lighting can use up to half your business’ electricity consumption. But with new technology, you can achieve better lighting with much less energy. This training will help you to identify the best lighting solutions and implement your lighting upgrade projects.

You’ll learn to:
  • Identify lighting upgrade opportunities and options.
  • Deliver lighting upgrade projects.
  • Upgrade your controls at the same time that you upgrade the lights.
  • Get involved with the NSW Energy Savings Scheme.

How to navigate this course to gain maximum benefit:
You can choose to only look at the modules of your interest. However, to access Module 5 and the Post-training Support provided by the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH), it is mandatory to complete module 2.

Module 1, 3 and 4 have a pre-module quiz designed to see if you know the concepts covered in them. If you pass the quiz, you already have basic lighting knowledge and can move onto the next module. If you fail, it is recommended to complete that module. 

Module 1 and 3 also have an optional assignment as well which you can use to test your own knowlege.

Module 1: Efficient lighting basics
Do you need to update your lighting and want to understand the best option? This module will help you decide and demystify those technical terms. You’ll learn how to assess your lighting needs and about different lighting technologies available, outlining the benefits of each.

What you'll learn to do:
  • Define and use technical lighting terms
  • Identify lighting needs in different spaces
  • Identify lighting types
  • Estimate maintenance costs for lighting systems and
  • Read lighting product data sheets
Who will benefit?
Suitable for energy end users, electrical contractors without lighting design expertise, and new entrants to the industry. Click here to access the module.

Module 2 - Project implementation basics
You’ve decided to go ahead with a lighting upgrade, but how do you take it from an idea to a successfully completed project? In this module, you’ll learn how to plan, design, implement and measure the success of your project. Acquire the technical and managerial skills necessary to transform your lighting upgrade from a good idea to a great outcome. 

What you'll learn to do:
  • Describe the steps involved in lighting upgrade projects
  • Identify project stakeholders and drivers
  • Understand your legal obligations
  • Build a business case for your project
  • Procure and commission as per the design
  • Measure what you've achieved
  • Finance your project

Who will benefit?
Suitable for energy end users and new entrants to the lighting industry. Click here to access the module.  

Module 3 - Lighting control basics
To get the best from modern lighting technologies such as LEDs, you should consider installing control systems such as timers and sensors. This is the most efficient way to ensure correct lighting for different spaces. In this module, you’ll learn about different control systems and how to choose the right one(s) for your business. Improvements in communications are leading to more intelligent controls that are easier to install and deliver a better user experience.

What you'll learn to do:
  • Identify lighting controls for different types of lights and spaces
  • Describe how control components work together
  • List what’s in a controls functional description
  • Commission your controls project

Who will benefit?
Suitable for energy end users and suppliers. Click here to access the module. 

Module 4 – Energy Savings Scheme for lighting projects
The NSW State Government’s Energy Saving Scheme (ESS) can offset some of the cost of a lighting upgrade. This module will explain how the ESS works so you can decide if your project is covered by the scheme, and how to use the ESS in your lighting upgrade project. 

What you'll learn to do:
  • List the benefits and costs of using the ESS
  • Identify the types of projects covered by the ESS
  • Use the ESS in your project plan
Who will benefit?
Suitable for energy end users and suppliers.Click here to access the module.

Module 5 will be available once you complete Module 2 and can be accessed here.

This article originally appeared here by NSW Government Environment and Heritage and is republished with permission. 
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