Small businesses save on energy bills with fridge rebate

Small businesses save on energy bills with fridge rebate

Published on 6 December 2019

More than 2,000 small businesses across the State are expected to receive a NSW Government rebate on buying or leasing energy efficient commercial refrigerators.
Energy Minister Matt Kean announced $3 million worth of rebates available to small businesses to claim between $100 and $1490 per unit for up to five energy efficient plug-in commercial fridges and freezers.
“We’re all about supporting our small businesses and keeping energy prices down, and these rebates will do just that,” Mr Kean said.
“Through this initiative, small businesses could save more than $350 a year on their energy bills, on top of the fridge rebate.
“These rebates will give over 2,000 small businesses such as cafes, restaurants, convenience stores and take-away shops the opportunity to update to better performing, modern fridges and save on their energy bill.”
Small Business Minister Damien Tudehope said the Government is always looking for ways to support small businesses across NSW.
“Small businesses play a vital role in the State’s economy and we will do what we can to encourage business growth while reducing their costs,” Mr Tudehope said.
Successful applicants will have their rebate processed within four weeks from online application to help businesses across NSW maintain a healthy cashflow.
The offer, which will be available up until September 2021, is part of the NSW Government’s Climate Change Fund that provides incentives to households and small businesses to install energy efficient appliances and equipment.
Businesses can view the list of eligible fridges, buy the product from their own supplier, then submit a rebate application at the Energy Saver website.
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