New Ovens for Plastic Manufacturer

New Ovens for Plastic Manufacturer

Energy Efficiency Advice
Published on 12 June 2020

New moulding ovens bringing energy savings to manufacturers

This case study by Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CFEC) looks at how Global Roto-Moulding, a plastics manufacturer whose products include playground equipment and custom moulded parts, was able to save considerably on their energy bills by installing a new generation of moulding ovens that dramatically cut power usage and greenhouse emissions.

Through the CEFC, Commonwealth Bank Energy Efficient Loan program and an Australian Government Clean Technology Investment Program grant, Global Roto-Moulding was able to install a new generation of rotational moulding ovens that were operated by gas an electricity. The ovens have reduced electricity usage by up to 39% and gas usage by 49%. 

To learn more about how new technology is helping manufacturers save on their energy costs, click here to acess the case study for FREE.

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