Bakery switch saves $16,700

Bakery switch saves $16,700

Energy Savings
Published on 8 May 2019

Sisters Jane Dean and Maureen Cook took the plunge eight years ago and decided to go into business together, giving birth to Tumut’s Pie in the Sky Bakery

Tumut’s Pie in the Sky Bakery saves thousandsWith nether sister having worked in a bakery before, let alone run one, it was going to be a hugely different experience.

“It was just a fresh, new, venture. I had worked in various small businesses before, but I had also been raising my three kids, and Maureen had been working in aged care,” said Jane. 

Tumut’s Pie in the Sky Bakery became a success, so much so, that Jane and Maureen started another bakery, Born and Bread — named after their roots of being two, true, Tumut locals.

Now, with 25 staff and huge commercial ovens, serious heat gets pumped into their kitchens leaving the duo to watch not only their dough rise, but their energy bills too.

“It’s tough when you’re a small business, especially for bakeries and shops…we only have a really small timeframe when we’re not paying wages or churning out huge amounts of electricity. Our bakers come in at 2:00am, start cooking until 8:00am, and by then other staff have started and the store is opened. Between the wages and electricity the overheads are massive.”

Australians pay some of the highest energy prices in the world, meaning rising operating costs, like energy, are drastically impacting the ability of business owner’s, like Jane, to grow and operate.

That propelled the Australian Business to kick-start its energy comparison service — saving Jane and Maureen $16,700 on their next energy bill — something Jane says was “simple and absolutely blew us away.”

The new deal helps members and non-members access affordable energy by comparing 10 energy providers and finding the best deal on the market. The new service walks users through the bills of their current provider, looking for missed opportunities, and makes the transition to new, more affordable providers, easy.

For Jane and Maureen, $16,700 is a huge saving they’ll be able to tip straight back into their business.
This article originally appeared on NSW Business Chamber. 


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