Understanding the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS)

Understanding the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS)

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Published on 1 November 2019
Learn about the financial incentives available to you through the ESS and how to reduce the cost of energy efficiency upgrades. See if your project is eligible for the scheme, and how to access the benefits.

Would you like to offset some of the cost of an energy efficiency project? The Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) The ESS provides businesses with financial incentives to help reduce the payback on their energy efficiency projects. This module has three streams of business groups. Select the group you fall under and learn how the ESS can help your business. This module will help you decide if your project is covered by the scheme and how you can use it in your project. 

What you'll learn to do:

  • What the ESS is about
  • How does the ESS work
  • If your project qualifies for the ESS

Who will benefit:

Suitable for businesses who would like to learn about the ESS scheme and if their energy efficiency project qualifies for the scheme.

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This article originally appeared here and is republished with permission.

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