How this local dentist saved on their energy bill with with BEAP

How this local dentist saved on their energy bill with with BEAP

Energy Savings
Published on 27 October 2020

Dental practice, David Nguyen & Associates recently underwent a consultation with the Business Energy Advice Program (BEAP). Principal dentist David Nguyen recently spoke to us about the positive impacts BEAP has had on their business and how they were able to further identify savings using the Business Australia Energy service. 


David Nguyen & Associates is a small dental practice which plays a vital role in promoting the health of its patients and is an active participant in the local community supporting arts and culture as well as promoting smarter business. 

When David Nguyen & Associates were impacted by the social distancing measures being taken to safeguard the community, they took some of the down time to assess areas of the business which could be improved. Energy rose quickly to the top of the list as one of the costs which could be controlled better and a resource which could be used more efficiently. 
David Nguyen & Associates engaged the Business Energy Advice Program (BEAP) to take a holistic approach to  assessing energy pricing and efficiency by engaging their one on one BEAP consultation. 

“Our team was amazed by the streamlined, quick and efficient service that BEAP provided. With the aid of some pre-survey questions which identified our industry, location and existing improvement requirements, plus the analysis of our bills, the consultation took only 15 minutes to highlight the key measures which would help the dental practice reduce energy costs.” said David Nguyen. Principal at David Nguyen & Associates.
“Their energy consultant helped to benchmark our energy spend using the Australian Government’s Energy Made Easy service. Following this, our business was referred on to Business Australia Energy, the free not-for-profit service that helps businesses conduct a deeper comparison and switch to a better energy deal.” 

The referral to Business Australia Energy helped David Nguyen & Associates identify over $1,500 in estimated annual savings on their current energy bill.
The next steps included accessing local schemes to reduce the cost of becoming more energy efficient. “The BEAP consultant helped us arrange a follow up consultation with an electrician and LED upgrade specialist who was able to access the  Energy Savings Scheme (ESS). 

The ESS helps to reduce energy consumption in NSW by creating financial incentives for organisations to invest in energy savings projects. Energy savings have been achieved by installing, improving or replacing energy savings equipment. This process took only three days for David Nguyen & Associates to complete. 

“At David Nguyen & Associates, we now enjoy the benefit of modern LED lights which look great and also reduce their lighting bill and environmental impact. I recommend every business take advantage of BEAP’s one on one energy consultation. You’ll thank yourself for looking after the health of your business if you take 15 minutes to engage BEAP.”


If you want tailored advice on reducing your energy consumption, our free energy assessment can be a great way to see where in your business you could create more energy efficiencies.

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