How this farming family reduced their energy costs with BEAP

How this farming family reduced their energy costs with BEAP

Energy Savings
Published on 10 September 2020

At BEAP, we know energy costs are impacting businesses across Australia, which is why we are proud to deliver this free Australian Government initiative.

It is funded by the Department of Industry Science Energy and Resources to help small business owners find better ways to manage their energy costs, just like Catriona.

Read Catriona’s story of how BEAP helped them find energy savings for their drought affected farm.

 "My name is Catriona McAuliffe and I'm one of the partners on our family farm.  We've had a lot of droughts come and go over the years, but this is the first time that I can remember where we've had a real problem with the water situation in our farm’s dams. We needed to look at what options were out there in order to save costs and future-proof the farm for conditions - whether they get worse or better.
I was introduced to the Business Energy Advice Program through New South Wales Farmers, which was a fantastic experience. One of the things that we found really good was that it's an Australian Government initiative and it's run by a not-for-profit, so that gives you a real peace of mind in knowing that it's a genuine program and it's got the backing of the government. The cherry on top for us was that it's a free service. You’re getting great advice by a trusted not-for-profit and it's free, so how good is that!
We had already made some decisions about what we could do in terms of reducing our costs but the program has certainly been able to give us some other options and advice about other savings.
I talked to Joel from the Business Energy Advice Program and although we'd invested in solar quite some time ago, it was interesting that Joel pointed out to us that we hadn't actually been using the solar generated power. Whilst it was feeding into the grid and we were getting our eight cents a kilowatt, we weren't actually using the power that was being generated. So that's something now that we have to go back and sort out with our installation guys.
After talking to Joel we also realised that the 18% discount had dropped off our existing contract. We have switched providers, so we now have a higher amount of solar feed-in tariff and we get a cheaper bill at the end of it all. That in itself, was a really quick way of saving money for our business.
With the money that we're saving on our new energy bill contract, we will be able to put it towards buying new infrastructure, such as a water solar pump that we're just putting in now.
As a member of New South Wales Farmers I was delighted to hear that the government have extended this initiative to farmers that are drought affected, so I highly recommend it. You've got to take advantage of these programs that help farmers in times of droughts because they don't come often enough. So get out there and talk to the guys at the Business Energy Advice Program."

Watch the video of Catriona's positive experience with BEAP here.

Start saving in your business with a free energy consultation today.

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