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Case Studies

Want to see an energy plan in action?

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Creating and sticking to an energy savings plan is easier when you see tangible results from a business facing the same hurdles as yourself.

Check out these businesses who have reduced their consumption, slashed energy costs and created a more sustainable business operation.


Case Study Provider About
The Good Loaf Sourdough Cafe - Energy price rise, energy bills stable Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance The Good Loaf Sourdough Bakery & Café, in Bendigo Victoria, implemented a holistic energy efficiency plan with the assistance of the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance (CVGA) Your Business - Your Future program. Measures included switching off machinery at night, lighting upgrades, fitting timers to the baking oven, installation of an evaporation cooler and sun screening blinds to the North East side of the building. Despite the business growing 10% p.a. since 2009, energy consumption levels have been maintained, representing an energy cost saving of $2,000 p.a. Click here for more details.
AMP Capital - 'Floor Wars' Inter-Office Competition Cuts Energy by 15 per cent City Switch As part of the Green Tomorrow initiative, AMP Capital launched an energy and waste reduction competition across their Sydney offices to drive optimal environmental savings. Over the course of the competition energy was reduced by 15% and these savings have largely been maintained since the competition ended. It upgraded all its halogen and T8 fluorescent lights to LED down-lights. As a result, total lighting energy consumption was cut by more than 50%. AMP Capital is part of a national network of businesses that, with the help of CitySwitch, is playing an important part in reducing the carbon emissions of our cities and demonstrating a high level of environmental leadership and action. Click here for more details.
Baenziger Coles - Solar Wins with Return on Investment City Switch Baenziger Coles, an architecture and interior design company installed a 5kW solar system at their commercial office in South Melbourne. The orientation and positioning of the office roof made solar panels an obvious energy generation solution. The solar system produces around 6200kWh per annum, which covers approximately 25% of annual electricity usage. Click here for more details.
Exergy Australia - 6 Stars Nabers Tenancy City Switch Exergy Australia, a national energy efficiency consultancy, joined CitySwitch in November 2009. As the first CitySwitch Signatory to achieve a 6 Star NABERS Energy rating without GreenPower, Exergy Australia’s Canberra office is proof that outstanding energy efficiency is often not about the latest and greatest technologies, rather, it’s about getting the simple things right. Click here for more details.
Case Study - Inside Sportz CNW Energy Saving Solutions Inside Sportz is a popular indoor sports centre offering indoor cricket, soccer and netball, and outdoor beach volleyball facilities. While its existing mercury vapour lighting system was working, rising energy bills and maintenance costs were a major concern. The owner of Inside Sportz engaged CNW Energy Saving Solutions to deliver the solution. An upgrade to efficient LED lighting resulted in a 51% reduction in energy use, 50,000 hours increase in lamp life and a 55% increase in lighting levels. The installation was able to be delivered in just four days with no disruption to the operation of the business. Click here for more details.
Case Study (Industrial Lighting) - Dynamic Windows Genesis Now Dynamic Windows, a window and door manufacturer in Bairnsdale, Victoria utilised efficient lighting upgrades and automation to reduce energy consumption by 175 MWh per annum and a total annual energy savings of $64,000. The upgrade qualified for rebates under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) program. Click here for more details.
Case Study (T5 Commercial Lighting) - Hume City Council Genesis Now In 2013 Genesis Now audited 13 buildings for Hume City Council as part of the Federal Government Community Energy Efficiency Program (CEEP). Hume City Council with implementation led by Genesis Now upgraded lighting, insulation, boilers, and pool pumping controls. 75% of the total upgrade involved the lights at two community facilities, replacing all T5 fluorescent lights with more efficient LED lights. The result was a total saving of $16,600 p.a. and an energy reduction of 57 mWh p.a. while also achieving an improvement in the lighting quality and distribution. Click here for more details.
Case Study (Industrial Lighting) - Specialty Packaging Group Genesis Now Speciality Packaging Group is a diversified print and packaging supplier that reduced energy costs and improved the light quality in various work environments. Speciality Packaging Group engaged Genesis Now to develop the solution. The upgrade netted energy savings of $38,000 p.a. with a payback of less than a year. Click here for more details.
Energy Efficiency Case Study - Freeman Farming Natural Resources South Australia Mixed almond and wine grape grower, Freeman Farming, used the South Australian Government Natural Resources SA Murray Darling Basin (Natural Resources SAMDB) free service to determine ways to improve energy efficiencies. The review processes employed by Natural Resources SAMDB assessed consumption levels, equipment usage and tariff bench-marking and identified energy savings of $5,831 p.a. Depending on your individual circumstances, you may also be able to implement energy efficiencies and energy cost savings under the Natural Resources SAMDB program. Click here for more details.
Energy cost savings - Bendigo Community Health Services energy.gov.au At Bendigo Community Health Services an energy assessment in 2010-11 was the starting point for an eventual reduction in energy use of approximately 6.1% and estimated energy savings of $5,000 p.a. Measures implemented included: changing how they use air conditioners, installing timers on hot water units, installing solar panels and upgrades to efficient LED lighting. Click here for more details.
DHL: reflecting on energy efficiency NSW Office of Environment and Heritage DHL, a global market leader in contract logistics, wanted to explore ways it could reduce its $300,000 p.a. energy bill at its Arndell Park warehouse, most of which was driven by the HVAC (air conditioning) system. A solar reflective coating applied to the roof reduced energy consumption by an estimated 25% (attributable to a reduction in HVAC use) saving the company an estimated $40,000 p.a. Click here for more details.
Thiess’ Australian Mining Business Unit energy.gov.au Thiess, a leading mining,contractor, participated in the Energy Efficiency Opportunities program supported by the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism. Thiess' energy use isn't fixed to any single geographic location in Australia. After conducting an energy assessment focusing on 12 mine sites, 46 opportunities for energy efficiency were found, which could save Thiess an estimated 150,800 GJ p.a. Click here for more details.
Making energy choices easier Australian Government, Department of Environment and Energy Antonio and Francesca are self-funded retirees living at Southport in South East Queensland. Normally, they shop around for the best electricity deal, but for the past year it hasn’t been a priority and whatever discount they had from their retailer has now lapsed. From talking to his friends, Antonio knows that he could probably get a better deal if he shopped around but he just hasn’t had the time. Click here for more details. 


Want the tools to get started?

Take advantage of our toolkits designed to get your energy efficiency project off the ground. 

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Tool kit From Description
CitySwitch Energy Audit Toolkits CitySwitch Self service energy audit tool kits for office buildings to assist non-technical or semi-technical energy managers in small to medium organisations.
HVAC Business Guide NSW Office of Environment & Heritage Ready to make an investment in your HVAC system? Read this comprehensive guide on optimising HVAC systems covering: key opportunities, role of HVAC controls, implementation, savings, payback periods.
Computer Audit Tool CitySwitch A spreadsheet tool that makes it easy to calculate the greenhouse and financial impact of computers left on overnight.
Improve your business' refrigeration efficiency – video series Sustainability Victoria Refrigeration masterclass webinars to equip businesses with the knowledge and confidence to better manage their refrigeration systems.
Water Heating Australian Government Department of Environment and Energy Understand your water heating. Learn DIY savings, how to insulate your hot water pipes and tank as well as managing your temperature. 
Energy Efficiency Best Practice Guide: Compressed Air Systems Sustainability Victoria Ready to make an investment in your Compressed Air System? Read this comprehensive guide covering improving the efficiency of an existing system, designing a new system and selecting a provider.

Programs and funding

Want some extra help?

There is a range of government programs and funding designed to help Australian businesses become more energy efficient. Find out if there is a program that suits you.

Location: Australia wide

Energy Saving Resource About
Energy Made Easy Easy to understand energy information all in one place. Compare energy plans, find a new retailer or check how your current retailer compares.
AER Resources Looking for more energy information? The AER produces a huge range of energy related consumer publications all available for download.
Energy Rating Calculator App A webtool designed by the ACT Government to help you assess your lighting efficiency plus suggestions on possible upgrades.
Energy Rating Label Wondering what the Energy Rating Label means? Learn how to read and understand the labels plus how to use them to calcuate your estimated running cost.
Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme Thinking of installing a small scale renewable energy system? Check out if you are eligible for a financial incentive under the Small-scale Rnewable Energy Scheme to assist with the purchase cost.
Energy.gov.au Discover energy saving advice for your business, plus stay up-to-date on how the government is working on delivering more affordable energy to you.

Location: NSW

Energy Saving Resource About
Business energy advice, courses and webinars Free training, online courses and webinars for NSW small businesses seeking business energy advice.
Hunter Business Water Savers Program Hunter businesses can access this program to assist them in reducing water use, water bills and energy bills.
Australian Business Energy Free compare and switch service. The service will compare the market for the best deal for your business, and if there is a better plan for you, they will handle all the paper work. 
Energy efficient lighting offer NSW small businesses can replace old inefficient lights with energy-efficient LED lights and have the purchase and installation cost subsidised.

Location: ACT

Energy Saving Resource About
The Big Business Light Switch Save up to 88% off your annual lighting costs by switching to LEDs. The program will switch your existing lights for energy efficient LED alternatives for free.
Lighting Efficiency webtool A webtool designed by the ACT Government to help you assess your lighting efficiency plus suggestions on possible upgrades.
Fridge Buyback program Get AGL credit and free removal of your unwanted fridge! The program for ACT residents takes old fridges and freezer to recycle, at no cost to you.
Next Generation Energy Storage Grants The Next Generation Energy Storage Grants provides ACT households and businesses with a discount to install a battery storage unit connected to a new or existing rooftop solar PV system.
ACTsmart Business Energy and Water program Operate a business in the ACT and thinking of upgrading to more sustainable and energy-efficient technologies or appliances? You can be eligible for rebates of up to $5,000!

Location: SA

Energy Saving Resource About
Business and organisation sustainability assistance Financial support for South Australian businesses, not-for-profit and other organisations to improve resource efficiency, waste management, and efficient production practices to reduce operating costs, boost productivity, and environmental performance.

Location: VIC

Energy Saving Resource About
Victorian Boosting Business Productivity Assistance for businesses to reduce costs and boost productivity by improving their energy efficiency, and reducing waste. The program also includes grants for businesses, a sustainable finance service, various training, events, and information resources.
Agricultural Energy Investment Plan This program assists Victorian farmers to better manage energy costs through improved efficiency and new technology, as well as grants to support energy efficiency and energy productivity investments. It includes free on-farm energy assessments plus advice on hot to improve energy productivity, energy reliability and support own-generation capacity.
Victorian Energy Upgrades The Victorian Energy Upgrades program provides businesses with access to discounted energy and water-efficient products and services through accredited service providers.
Victorian Energy Compare Compare your energy plans and renewable energy feed-in tariffs amongst the different Victorian energy retailers.
Victorian Energy Upgrades The Victorian Energy Upgrades program helps households and businesses save energy and money with a range of discounts and special offers on selected energy-saving products and services.

Location: NT

Energy Saving Resource About
Business and organisation water-efficiency check The Water Use Health Check helps businesses, government operations and not-for-profit organisations in the Darwin region to reduce water use and bills by assessing their water efficiency.
Business efficiency assistance The Northern Territory Smarter Business Solutions program assists Indigenous enterprises, businesses and not-for-profit organisations reduce day-to-day energy, water, waste and material costs.

Location: QLD

Energy Saving Resource About
Energex Positive Payback for business South east Queensland businesses can access financial support to upgrade certain appliances, equipment and processes to improve energy efficiency.
Ergon Energy PeakSmart air conditioning program The Ergon Energy PeakSmart air conditioning program provides eligible Queensland households and businesses connected to Ergon’s network with financial incentives of up to $400 for purchasing and installing a PeakSmart air conditioner or converting an existing air conditioner to PeakSmart.
ecoBiz The Queensland ecoBiz program assists businesses save money on their energy, water and waste bills through energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives.
Affordable Energy Plan Queensland homeowners and other entities can apply for interest-free loans and/or grants of up to $10,000 to help pay for solar PV and battery storage system.

Location: TAS

Energy Saving Resource About

Fact sheets

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Download our easy to understand fact sheets to help your business save more on energy!

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Fact Sheet From Description
Energy efficient lighting NSW Office of Environment & Heritage How to make your business more energy efficient when it comes to lighting. Bright ideas and simple switches.
HVAC optimisation NSW Office of Environment & Heritage You can save up to 50% of your HVAC energy use through one or more of these simple measures.
Voltage optimisation NSW Office of Environment & Heritage Do you know how voltage optimisation could apply to your site? Learn how your business could benefit.
Choose a hot water system Sustainability Victoria Find out what hot water system will work best for your business and support yout energy efficiency targets.
Which hot water systems are most efficient? Build Compare energy efficient hot water systems thanks to the government-backed ratings standard.
Basics of HVAC Energy Efficiency Australian Government Department of Environment and Energy  Understand the breakdown of energy consumption in a typical office building and opportunities to improve energy efficiency.
Cool room efficiency AIRAH How you can save money, save energy, increase efficiency and reduce environmental emissions, all at the same time.
Beginner's Guide to Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) CitySwitch A guide for tenants to manage habits and improve the energy efficiency of their HVAC systems.
Electricity metering and monitoring Energy Saver Metering and monitoring is a central component of good management. Find out how your business can benefit.
MOTOR, PUMP AND FAN EFFICIENCY – M4 Eco-efficiency opportunities for Queensland manufacturers Eco Biz Learn how to start improving your motor and pump efficiency and where you can implement energy reduction opportunities.
Key messages—Introduction of the default market offer and reference price Australian Government Department of Environment and Energy  How to understand what the DMO is and reference prices. 
FAQ: Introduction of the reference price and cap on standing offers Australian Government Department of Environment and Energy  Answers to those questions you may have around reference prices and DMO. 
Key terms related to the reference price and cap on standing offers Australian Government Department of Environment and Energy  Glossary of common energy words used in regards to DMO and reference prices.